Alvaro Cordova

Automation engineer & web enthusiast

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Mini bio

Alvaro Cordova was born and raised in La Paz - Bolivia. During the past years I have been living, working or studying in Madrid and Barcelona - Spain, Stockholm and now I also settled in Karlstad - Sweden.

Web code enthusiast

I'm not a professional programmer but a programmer with some experience and a lot of ambition and enthusiasm. I am good enough to design too and I like updating myself of best programming practices.

Automation engineer

I am a recently-graduated Automation engineer, ready to run instrumentation, process control and industrial automation. Therefore, I’m also very interested in topics around IIoT and Industry 4.0

Automation engineering

Karlstad Technology Center

At Karlstad Technology Center students are trained to troubleshoot, repair and maintain automated industrial equipment, such as computer numerical control (CNC) equipment and robots. Automation engineering courses include instruction in industrial process technology, industrial programming techniques, advanced measurement, control and regulation equipment and robotics.

On-the-job Trainee

Karlstad Technology Center aims to educate and train automation engineers so that even as new graduates we are ready to participate in a company’s activities. The train consist of thre parts; Process techniques, Electronics and Automation. I myself was stationed in Billerudkorsnäs AB (Process), Midroc Electro i Karlstad (Electricity) and Bycosin and Tetra Pack Packaging Material i Sunne AB (Automation).

Uppsala University

Course: "Using MATLAB". Spring 2016
Web based distance course. Matlab is a high-performance language for technical computing and a usefull tool for data analytics such as Machine learning and Production analytics systems

Master thesis student

Outsourcer: "WTC Teknik". Spring 2016
In order to streamline and adapt the work procedures to the technological development, I defended "Cloud-based image analysis and image display system for CAD-drawings"

Värmländska ingenjörsföreningens Stipendium

"Cloud-based image analysis and image display system for CAD-drawings"
For a well done thesis concerning a future-oriented and highly relevant topic.


Skills and knowledge profile

  • ...Knowledge

    + Synthesise automation systems by combining sensors, actuators and relays.

    + Industrial processes.

    + PLC programming.

    + Environmental and quality of the industri.

    + Basic enterprise resource planning.

  • ...Skills

    + Interprete, produce and perform logical automation diagrams.

    + Troubleshooting and maintenance on electrical, instrumentation and control equipment and systems.

    + Start-up and commissioning of measuring control equipment.

    + Present technical information and reports clearly and effectively.

  • ...Competencies

    + Understand, follow and implement industrial automation systems.

    + Maintenance and service.

    + Installation of electrical and automation equipment.

    + Sales, Start-up and commissioning services.

Alvaro Skills

Some technical skills

  • Web development

    I like to code using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery and I have some experience managing MySQL databases.

  • Web design

    I am capable to create digital experiences for brands and companies by using creativity & technology. Photoshop is my tool to help creativity and Wordpress my favourite CMS.

  • Technical computing

    I have completed 60 credits at Karlstad University including Calculus, Mechanics, Experimental Scientific Methods with Computer Aid and Programming Techniques for Engineers.
    Ex. C, Matlab, Octave.

Alvaro Skills

Multicultural marketing online

In 2008 I started as partner Ad Sheik, a Multicultural full-service creative web agency based in Stockholm - Sweden, I managed all multicultural promotional content and promotional ad placement, responsible for manage the ad server and setup the inventory of users, promotions and features.

I have created numerous animated or Flash banner ads and then modified it to create all the sizes the clients needed for campaign. The ads was built to Google ad size standards, as well as IAB compliant, to meet any publisher and ad network technical specifications and requirements.

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responsive devices
  • Portfolio Radiotjänst

    Radiotjänst. "Tack 9 av 10"

    Radiotjänst. I fully managed the Swedish TV licence Authority's campaign as well as produced creatives and landing pages in 6 different languages during the spring of 2009.

  • Portfolio Tele2

    Tele2 - Amigos. "När du är utomlands"

    For the Tele2/Comviq Swedish brand "Amigo" I produced creatives and ran their summer campaign in 2009 targeting 7 ethnic groups on a numerous amount of multicultural websites and languages.

  • Portfolio Austrian

    "Austrian Airlines"

    For the Muslim month of Ramadan 2009, I produced all creative material and fully managed the Ad server running a multilingual campaign from Austrian Airlines targeting Somali and Arabic-speaking audiences in Sweden.


Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system. Fair trade supports farmers and craftspeople in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalised.


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